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Audio visual contractors are highly in demand as businesses have realized the importance of such services to minimize traveling expenses and conference costs while still driving sales and maximizing productivity and safety. The right audio-visual equipment can really help amplify communication with your customers near and far which is more of a necessity today than ever before in this ever-changing and unpredictable world.

At BTC AV, we specialize in the implementation of Crestron and Extron based Video Teleconferencing systems. BTC’s AV team is equipped to work with private businesses as well as Government entities having experience with all classification levels- from unclassified systems to different levels of Secret and Top Secret classified VTC systems. BTC’s wide range of experience in AV stretches from basic TV and HDMI installs in local restaurants to full-on VTC installs for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of the Army’s conference rooms in the Pentagon.

Audio Video Services We Provide

At Broadband Technology Corp, we are experts in the application of most advanced audio visual technologies, with our team of video conferencing installers and technicians available for onsite support. Our state-of the art video conferencing setups ensure that your conferences have the same effect as face-to-face meetings. With our audio video services, you can successfully hold virtual meetings with your clients.
– We deliver the best quality video communications to any boardroom.
– Our video conferencing installers and consultants help you design a video conferencing infrastructure to cater to your needs.
– We deliver video conferencing systems for any environment, keeping in mind important factors such as lighting and audio, to give your clients the best results.

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