Network Security


Network security services are indispensable to protect your business against all kinds of online security threats. The internet is a vast domain, and working on the computer makes you vulnerable to a number of serious threats, which can potentially harm your business in more ways than one, exposing your sensitive information and important data to new risks and threats, which pose a greater security risk than ever before. It’s not just the Trojan, malware, or spyware that attack the computer, threats also enter the computer in the form of emails, especially through “phishing” that has proven to be extremely dangerous. Network security provider firms are aware of the numerous threats risking security of your system and work to protect you against all such possible risks. A professional and highly skilled IT security provider can help you conduct your business conveniently and securely, save on maintenance costs, improve your business productivity and provide excellent customer service. It is critical for a business to hire a reputed IT security services company, which is well equipped with all the much-needed security tools and has a team of certified and dedicated professionals to take stock of the situation and initiate necessary steps to safeguard your business and data from threats and keep you protected round the clock.

Why Us

At Broadband Technology Corp, our key task as one of the leading IT security firms is to ensure that your data remains safe, secure, private and confidential.

  • As network security services providers, we ensure fool-proof security and take adequate measures to ensure end-point security, spam filters, firewalls, and create backups.
  • As an IT security provider, believe in unified threat management that looks at all kinds of threats and tackles them valiantly.
  • We can keep you updated on the latest security threats and protect you against all vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.
  • As part of our security measures, we conduct regular audit of the existing security system. We offer you internationally accepted firewall protection, which is updated with the latest security definitions.
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